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‎דְּרוֹר Free Flowing Myrrh

“The Lord spoke to Moses: “Take choice spices: twelve and a half pounds of free-flowing myrrh, half that – about six and a quarter pounds – of sweet-smelling cinnamon, six and a quarter pounds of sweet-smelling cane, and twelve and a half pounds of cassia, all weighed according to the sanctuary shekel, and four quarts of olive oil. You are to make this into a sacred anointing oil, a perfumed compound, the work of a perfumer. It will be sacred anointing oil.” Exo. 30:22-24

The anointing oil was a composite of five ingredients… Myrrh, cinnamon, sweet cane, cassia, and olive oil. This oil was used to anoint any sacred object (such as the items used in temple worship) and prophets, priest, and kings.🤔 The anointing oil was not one ingredient, but five.🧐 Many people receive the Holy Spirit but fail to develop an anointing… Why is that? 🤔 I think in part it is the absence of other ingredients.🧐 Myrrh is required in the anointing oil. What is myrrh? It is the spirit of worship that is either present or absent in the life of the believer. When it comes to releasing myrrh from your spirit it is coupled with humility as part of the releasing mechanism. The absence of humility will prevent you from being able to release the myrrh in the offerings. Secondly, it is not only myrrh, but FREE FLOWING Myrrh!

The adverb and adjective “free flowing” is translated from the Hebrew word “derore”. The KJV renders this word to mean pure myrrh. The ESV renders this Hebrew word to mean “liquid”. But I believe the NASB nails it by calling it “flowing” myrrh. You say, “What’s the difference?” 🤔 Evidently the best myrrh was myrrh that secreted from tree of its’ own volition. Evidently you could drive a shank into the bark of the tree to retrieve the myrrh violently. But the best myrrh was that which secreted from the bark naturally… hence “Free Flowing Myrrh”. Evidently God isn’t wanting to extract myrrh from our spirit man, but is simply looking for the free flow of worship, adoration, and praise. Go Figure!🤔 when you release the “free flow” of worship from your spirit you are contributing an important ingredient to the anointing that is upon your life. Just sayin’.

“Father, you said, “Worship Me!” My heart says, “I will worship you!” Glory to God in the Highest, Glory to His Holy Name!” Pastor Rusty

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