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  • Glory Barn Branson

”2020 the Year of Perfect Vision“........

At the start of the year, I heard many people say “2020 the year of perfect vision”. And the thought ran through my head that it was just too easy. It was too obvious. No interpretation needed at all on this one!

Then I began to hear different prophetic people I trust restate the same, 2020 perfect vision.

Then I had a dream. I dreamed we (Rusty & myself) were in a town that seemed dark. It seemed as if there were smog and dark clouds so much so that daytime was as dark as the evening when the sun had already set.

We walked into a river that ran through the city. The River was murky but you could kind of see the gravel on the bottom. As I stood beside Rusty I went under the water. I was holding on to his leg to help me hold my position as I felt the bottom of the river. I felt something and I pulled it out of the gravel. It was a pair of eyeglasses. I handed those up to Rusty and I began looking for some more. Wow! I found another pair, I handed those up and there was another! My eyes had adjusted now and I could see just fine underwater. As I looked I saw more glasses! And then there were all different types, corrective glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses! The more I found the more there were!

So in this season of 2020, reach for your glasses! There is a pair for you! Glasses bring 2020 vision to eyes that don’t see perfect on their own.

Pastor Belinda 👓🕶

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