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A Christmas poem

➖DAILY WORD➖Dec.22.2018

🔹Three Wise Woman of Christmas

The magi who for Jesus looked

Followed the Star, asked directions, then took...

Two years, and many miles all around

But the Christ Child, they finally found!

Oh! Those men were wise, but there were three

Wisest of women whom all can see

All three right on time for His Birth...

Available to God for all their worth!

Young Mary, a virgin who carried the Son,

Chosen by God, to birth Jesus ➖The One...

Who came to this earth to save all men,

Her heart was faithful and she trusted Him!

Elisabeth was older and way past her prime...

But she believed God for just the right time.

He gave her a son, John was his name,

A prophet for Jesus, declaring His fame!

Anna in the temple, widowed, left alone...

Spent her lifetime praying for that Promised One.

God granted her prayers; brought Jesus to her

She worshipped and praised God for evermore!

Yes! We speak of the Wisemen, but often forget...

That our Heavenly Father will use each, and yet...

We all have a part in sharing the story.

Today, you can Worship and tell of His Glory!

In this special season we remember Christ’s Birth!

So tell someone how He came to this Earth.

Jesus lived perfectly, and He died for our sin

He was resurrected to Life and welcomes us In!

Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus, He’s calling for you!

Repent and receive His Great Love, so true!

The wisest of all ➖women or men, Who...

Still seek to find Him ➖He’s waiting for YOU!

~ Shelia Hart Artt ~ Dec.23.2018


#ThreeWiseWomen. #GloryBarnBranson


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