• Glory Barn Branson

****A dream from the Lord**** - early morning Dec. 25th, 2021 - Pastor Belinda 🌷

I had a dream early this Christmas morning. In my dream I was in a church service. I believe it to have been the Glory Barn by the way it felt and by our apparent authority in the service. The building was packed. There was no room anywhere. I was standing and looked up to see a man come in who was dressed in a suit. The suit was a tan color. He looked over the crowd as if he were checking to see if what he had heard about the things God was doing there were real. He was a man of a religious denomination who was like an overseer. As he looked over the crowd, I was holding the microphone. I suddenly heard Rusty’s voice from way in the back. Rusty said “His son has said “this will be the biggest move the church (not just the Glory Barn but all church) has ever experienced! There has not been a move this big!” When Rusty said “His Son” I saw a baby in a cradle that turned into a boy, then into a man.” I understood it was Jesus. His son, Jesus! I repeated over the microphone what Rusty was saying. All of a sudden a burst of God’s glory hit the crowd. People were jumping up and down. They were running and could not contain the power of God that was just released! It hit me and I began speaking in tongues. As this was happening in my dream our youngest grandson Lennox came into our bedroom (in real) and was shouting “It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” I heard him in my dream and it was putting an exclamation on what God was doing.

Yes it is Christmas, and there is a move that is being poured out Now! We have entered a time that is a gift from the Father. Those who want to be a part of this move will be grabbing on to the Lord with both hands and giving Him their ALL!

Be free children! Be free from the restriction of religious functions! God wants blood bought hearts after Him!

What I saw in my dream was bigger than anything I have ever heard or read of. We have entered the Father’s house!

- Pastor Belinda🌷

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