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  • Pastor Belinda Owens

A Word from the Lord!

Fresh Bread - May 1st, 2020

I have been sharing testimonies from the Azusa street revival for a few months now. The testimonies stir our faith and cause us to reach for more of God and all that He is.

Yesterday I shared another testimony. As I sat down to go over the thoughts from the day I received a text from a friend. They said “you shared about Azusa street today! Let me tell you what I saw last night!” (At the time they saw this my testimony had not been posted yet). They then shared this with me, they said,“last night I got up, as I returned to my bed I set on the edge. I saw the street sign "Azusa" and then the word "Wales" floated by in front of the sign and I heard "it's coming again".

Then I saw a map with shiny gold...strips the gold strips were coming out of “here” or coming into “here”. They drew me a picture of the United States with gold lines coming (or going into) our location here in the middle of the US. Whether they are coming in, or going out, either one would be an awesome move of God!

I said, “you know about the connection between Azusa street and the Welsh revival, right?” They replied “no, not that they remembered”. I gave them a very short version of the connection. Then I replied, “oh my! This is important! We receive this Lord! We want this Lord!” I believe that it is very important when God gives you a word either thru speaking to you or thru one of His prophetic vessels that you verbally respond to it! Yes Lord!

I believe God is getting ready to pour out His glory again! We want to be usable vessels and repentance is key in being useable.

If you are unfamiliar with the two revivals there are several YouTube documentaries on them. Watch them and get ready, God is about to sweep the Nation again!

Get ready!!!

- Pastor Belinda 🌷

#Azusastreet #Welshrevival #healingmiracles #againLord


Azusa street revival 1909-1915

Welsh revival 1904-1905

Our own Pastor Shelia Artt is the lady speaking on this documentary when she was visiting the location of the Welsh revival back 13 years ago.

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