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Acknowledging the Kingdom

When we acknowledge the Kingdom of God we bring it into reality. As long as we ignore that it exist we not only hinder it from manifesting in our lives but we rob ourselves of reaping its benefits.

Just as I have stated before the unseen realm of the supernatural is more real than the temporary world our fleshly bodies are walking in. When we finally grasp that our fleshly existence will fade away and all that is left is the supernatural we will realize how important learning to walk and function in God’s Kingdom is. We need to make it our priority by asking Him to teach us how to live and function within the Kingdom, His Kingdom. You don’t have to be a pastor, evangelist, teacher or missionary to need to know these things. It is for any and every one that has received Jesus as their Lord. This isn’t far out there teaching it is basic Christian 101, learn His ways, which includes, learn His Kingdom .

“What would Jesus do” was a very popular quote a few years back. We limited the response to “well Jesus would be kind in this situation “. But “what would Jesus do” goes way beyond being kind. It’s sums up the “whole” Kingdom. He would , bring healing, which He has given us the power to do, He would bring deliverance, which if we function as He would then we would bring deliverance too. He would bring peace, He would also bring life unto the dead, which if we walk “in His Kingdom” we should as well. When we walk in the Kingdom of God we bring a whole new solution to everything that is wrong in the world. We bring the answer, it is Jesus.

We must learn to let Him be thru us. If I say I have Jesus in my heart yet I am not bringing His Kingdom into all that is around me I am failing in my Christian walk. How are we affecting our world? Are we bringing change from darkness to light or are we bringing no change what so ever?

Let His Kingdom work thru you. If you can function in a dark world and never shine enough light to pierce the darkness then we need to revisit our relationship with the Lord.

We were ministering in a downtown area one time and as we walked up to a place, a person yelled out “your the fire people, your the fire people!” The spirit in that person was crying out. It knew people that belonged to Jesus were walking into their dark world.

Don’t be afraid of God’s Kingdom it is for you, it is simple just ask Him to teach you to walk in it.

Father I ask that you ignite a desire in each person that reads this blog! Cause them to hunger for deeper depths in you. Remove distractions around them so they can have a clear view of you and all that you are. Yeah them to walk in your kingdom now. In Jesus name Amen.

Keep seeking Him,

Pastor Belinda🌷

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