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"And the fourth beast was like a flying eagle." Rev. 4:7 b

Aetos, is the Greek word for eagle translated here in Rev. 4:7. And the beast in Rev. 4:7 is described as an eagle in flight. The eagle here in in Rev. 4:7 is describing prophetic ministry

that originates from the throne. All true ministry originates from the throne, whether it be apastolic, or prophetic, or pastoral, or evangelist. But eagles define the prophetic giftings in the body of Christ. Aetos actually defines the eagle from its wind like flight. Aetos is from the Greek root word "aer" which means air or to blow.

We understand eagles ride the winds in the most effortless flight, they utilize the wind's currents to rise and maintain flight for hours without effort. It is for this reason that prophets gravitate to houses that have spiritual currents. Prophets need the movement of the Holy Spirit to get aerial view. (To gain heaven's vantage point). Otherwise there is a great deal of effort in gaining flight. As surely as you can't have "aetos" without "aer" , Eagles need the movement of the "pneuma" to function at a high level. Sometimes they need to get up above the storm systems to where the sun is always shining to gain heaven's perspctive. This is why you don't see prophets gravitate to churches that function as houses of entertainment. They need movement in the air and wind currents to function at high altitudes for hours.

Bro. Rusty.

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