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Angels all around us…..

Daily Word – Oct. 22, 2018

We were in Brandon, Ms a few years back. The services were being held by a minister under Dutch Sheets ministries in what had been a Baptist church. The service was very anointed from the very beginning. Worship was intense and you could feel the presence of God. I closed my eyes and once again I asked God “Let me see the things unseen”. I had been asking Him to show me what was happening in the spirit realm as we were worshipping. All of a sudden I could see three regular sized angels show up on the left side of the plate form. Then I turned and there appeared a huge angel about 15ft tall standing on the right side of the platform. As I watched him he opened his mouth wide and out shot fire going across the platform hitting the front. It covered the people on the floor up front worshipping. As this happened such an intense worship fell starting in those areas. I could see what looked like tongues of fire dancing on their heads and the more intense their worship became the bigger the tongues of fire would grow. It would grow until there was a huge ball of fire dancing reaching all across the front and it would shoot back toward us and other people. Then there would be a huge tunnel of the fire shoot straight up through the roof and the fire would start building all over again. I wanted to close my eyes and fall on the floor in worship but I had asked God to let me see! So I stood and watched while praying! The worship was right in sync with what I was seeing. All of a sudden I sensed Jesus was coming into the room. I said in a soft prayerful voice “you are coming now aren’t you! You are going to show up!!!” The worship leader started singing “He is a consuming fire!” and I saw a white bright light start down the center aisle. I knew it was my Jesus! I turned and watched as He walked down the center aisle straight to the front. His robe was so bright white it sparkled with silver sparkles. He sat down on the steps that lead up to the platform right to the right of the pulpit. He watched the crowd and turned his head slowly. As he turned his head toward a particular person the evangelist started prophesying to that person. He told awesome detail of what was going on in that person’s life. I watched this go on for several people. He would look at them and the minister would just start reading that person’s life! While the minister would be prophesying to them Jesus was setting there in such peace watching. I had NEVER experienced anything like this before! If I could have come out of my body from excitement it would have happened then! And “Yes” angels are all around us!

- Pastor Belinda

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