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Be in the moment....

With Christmas just right upon us let me reflect a little. I would have to say this Christmas has been the best I have had since we were a family of four all living under one roof. With the loss of our oldest son and our youngest son having married and moved on with his life and us out of the country it usually was just the two of us. Christmas had been a struggle within. I speak with a full heart having had my son, daughter-in-love and all four grandchildren playing at my feet and hoping into my lap for that quick kiss, hug, and “I love you Grandma!” I think one of the greatest feelings on earth is to have my youngest son wrap his arms around me and say “I love you mom!” God has applied love over the hurts of life and given this Grandma/mother time with those I love and hold dear. Trust me when I say hug your son or daughter! Each minute you have with the ones you love is precious. Take time to stop and listen, smell, and feel. Be in the moment!

God has blessed you with one more Christmas to enjoy, live it to the fullest that you know how.

I have never really had a feeling for the song “Mary did you know” until this year. I have heard it 3 times this Christmas season and I have cried every time I have heard it. The reality of what Mary was going to face as the mother of our Savior Jesus just comes out in that song this year.

God has blessed my heart this Christmas season and He will do the same for you. I pray you have the best Christmas ever and that you savor your time with those you love. ❤️

Christmas Blessings!

Pastor Belinda

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