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"And a leper approached and bowed low before him, saying, 'Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.' He stretched out his hand and touched him saying, ' I am willing. Be clean!"

Matt. 8:2-3

Jesus clears a hurdle for you in this encounter. For many believers, the struggle isn't whether God can, but rather if God will. We struggle more with wether or not it's God's will, rather than struggling if He's capable. Learning the will of God for a matter is key to having faith for an outcome. When you are convinced that something falls into the parameter of His will you tend to be tenacious in your prayer life.

The leper in Matt. 8 was actually functioning at a high level off faith as it pertains to His ability, he just struggled as to wether He wanted to. When it comes to healing in our bodies learn that His desire to heal, superceeds our desire to be healed. And when you are praying for others to be healed you are completely hobbled if you aren't truly convinced it is his desire to heal. It's like trying to run a foot race by first shooting yourself

in the foot with the starter pistol. When it comes to healing The scripture plainly declares that "by His stripes we are healed." His redemptive actions has made healing available for all.

Two, "on earth as it is in heaven." This is how Jesus taught you to pray. There isn't a believer in the land that will concede that there are sick people or lame people in heaven. If it's his will there it's his will here. There seems to be a great disconnect created by unbelief that it may not be Gods will to heal when he has demonstrated over and over that it is.

Three, "God is no respecter of persons." What He has done for one He will do for another. Grace through faith is the format that God constantly makes Himself and his benifits available to us. His grace making it available, your faith appropriating the action. Again don't be hobbled by not recognizing His will in the matter.

I pray for hundreds of people who are sick, infirm, or lame. I may or may not get results, but I don't hobble myself going into prayer by thinking it is not his will to heal.

As always

Godbless. Bro. Rusty

#Jesushealingthesick #isitGod’swilltoheal


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