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Blow upon my garden

Daily Word - Dec. 2, 2019 🌷

Awake, O north wind; come, O south wind! Blow on my garden so that its fragrant spices may send out their sweet smell. May my beloved come into his garden and eat its delightful fruit. SS 4:16

We prepare our hearts for the King of Glory to come into just like a garden. When our King enters into this garden will there be sweet fragrances for Him or will He find our heart unprepared for Him?

Preparation of our garden comes thru prayer, simply asking God to rule in our lives, and by having a repentant heart.

God wants you to succeed as much or even more than you want to succeed. His plan of salvation is perfect. It needs nothing added to it. We only need to receive and believe.

Hand God your broken life then watch Him make beauty out if it.

Pastor Belinda 🌷

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