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? Cancer Free ?

??? CANCER FREE ??? Daily Word - Wed.Jan.09.2019 - Pastor Sheliah

(On Sat.Jan.5. I posted an article entitled "He Healed All My Diseases" ... and this is the continuing story of my experience of being healed from Cancer in my face in 1978... Please find and read that article first.)

After the major surgery on that Wednesday, the doctors came to talk to my husband and me and their preliminary report was that nothing looked unusual or different, though there was a growth in the jaw area of my face, but all the tissue they had removed, from the tongue, gums, inside my mouth and tissue around the tumor all were the same, and therefore they concluded that there was NO CANCER! Hallelujah!

Then, after a couple of days, they sent me home, and we went rejoicing, singing and shouting the praises of God who had healed me of cancer! We shared with our five children, who were between the ages of four-years to 10-years old, that Mommy was healed and there would be no more surgeries. On Sunday the church we were pastoring rejoiced together, and I testified of His goodness and mercy in my life! Can I say, “There’s no high like a Holy Ghost high!” and that Baptist Church was on a “high” that Sunday!

However, on the following Monday, my surgeon called to talk with us again. He told my husband and me that they were sadly very mistaken! He explained that they were correct in saying that the tissues from all those areas of my mouth were the same. But that was because the cancer had engulfed my entire mouth, gums, tongue, there was cancer on the jaw bone and all tissue around the very defined tumor! He asked us to return to Little Rock and they were calling a group of approximately 100-doctors together, at the University of Arkansas Medical School, to examine my case and discuss what further treatment was necessary to take care of this critical issue.

So, on Wednesday, we drove the 75-miles to Little Rock again, but something had changed in me. I was still in the mode of Faith! Still believing God’s rhema word from that Tuesday prayer meeting, and still trusting that He had healed all my diseases!

They brought me into a “theater setting” with one hundred doctors listening to my case history from 1966 forward, then the explanation of the recent surgery and the laboratory reports of the extensive cancer, Mucous Melanoma, that had invaded my entire mouth region. They asked that each doctor write his recommendation down and they would tally their opinions and come up with a plan of action. Their unanimous conclusion was that the left side of my face, from the upper neck area, the jaw and under the eye be surgically removed; followed by radiation therapy which would be determined after the surgery.

When the leading surgeon discussed this with me, he said they had successfully done bone and skin transplants from other areas of the body and rebuilt faces, and that would be their plan for me. They would also follow up with heavy radiation treatments, for several weeks after the surgery.

I asked if there were any options, and he said that I could start with the radiation and perhaps see some results. He suggested that that would be a precarious way to go, because with the cancer already on the bone, the radiation could drive it into the bone marrow, and then invade my entire body. (If you research this type of cancer, it is usually fatal, and the recovery is only 1% of those who are attacked by this cancer, one time. This being the 6th time malignant tumors have been found in my mouth, the percentages were certainly not in my favor.)

We asked for a little time to pray, seek the Lord, and decide on such a major life-changing surgery. They agreed to have me come back on the following Monday and we would go from there. As we prayed and asked others to come into agreement with us, there was such a peace (that passed our understanding for sure) about God’s promise to heal the disease. I knew it was a “done deal,” though obviously it had not yet manifested in fulness to the medical community, but that did not change God’s word!

After prayer and in agreement with His word and the counsel of many others, our decision was to refuse the radical facial removal surgery and have the radiation which was to be every day for six weeks.

And, we began the five-day-a-week 150-mile round trips to Little Rock in the middle of September 1978, which would continue until nearly the end of October. But, as we progressed, Holy Spirit revealed, and the doctors confirmed that there would be more treatments than first scheduled. So we eventually made those trips for a total of nine weeks, completing the radiation treatments (8510 rads) in November 1978.

That was both some of the hardest days of my life, but at the same time, some of the best days of my life! The lessons Holy Spirit taught me, the Faith God built in my life and my family during those days is almost indescribable, but I will try to convey some of the things I learned that have forever changed me! (to be continued ... in next article on Sat.Jan.12)

"God's mercies are new every morning..." and I have so much more to say about lessons learned in these days. But God has given me great authority to speak into other's lives who face that same devilish disease - victoriously! Yes, "He does HEAL ALL OF OUR DISEASES!" ~ Shelia Hart Artt

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