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Communications in the Heavens

Daily Word -

This took place Christmas Eve night.

Went into prayer and was immediately in the war room with the elders. I took my seat and joined in the discussion. I saw some of the elders shifting and moving during the conversation. Some of the older elders like to stand at the end of the long table rather than to set. Moses and David being two of them. I again raised the issue that if God would demonstrate more openly his power people would see that he is very much alive and would more apply turn to him. I know God knows so much more on this than I do. But I still brought it up. I mentioned how that Moses had a burning bush, and in the Bible people openly talked to and saw angles and there were super natural events that usually helped influence them to a decision for God. We need more evidence that is proof that God is real and alive.

I was then rapidly taken past a green marble wall. Some how I knew it to be family court I was entering. I took my seat at the front before the judge and stated my reasons for being there and asked about progress on some issues I have been praying about.

I left court and saw Charlie Coker standing by a waterfall and a hug pine tree. I said “hi” and he spoke back and he said “have you seen this tree?” It was the pine tree he was talking about. It was huge and different than any I have seen. It seemed as though the heavens had some decorations up that reminded me of our Christmas decorations. Greenery and red holly berries etc. while I talked to Charlie I saw my dad. He came walking up. He had dark hair and was about 40 years old in looks. I spoke to him. I said “Mom sure misses you” he said “I know. I do come and visit.” I said “yeah she has told me she has smelled you in her room.” He said “yes I was there”. As we spoke Cameron came floating down. I told him I miss him so much! He said he has been busy there doing different things and as he spoke I knew he had to go. His face started to glisten like sparkles and as it sparkled he was floating off. Coney and the Carl (Rusty’s Aunt & Uncle) came up to say hi. They didn’t say anything about Dale (Rusty’s Dad) but it was as if they did cause I knew, like they talked without words, that he was over in another area but they would tell him hi for me.

Heaven was celebrating that we were celebrating Jesus and his birth. It was like heaven was also having Christmas!

Today I texted Charlie Coker and asked him if he had been functioning in the heavens last night. he said “yes he was there”. After talking with him I know why I saw him and why I saw him where he was standing.

You think iPhones and Samsung phones are awesome, you haven’t seen anything like how the spiritual realm communicates!

- Pastor Belinda

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