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Don't be a Mama's Boy

"They traveled on from Bethel, and when Ephrath was still some distance away, Rachel went into labor, and her labor was hard. When her labor was at it's hardest, the midwife said to her, " Don't be afraid, for you are having another son." With her dying breath, she named him Benoni. But his father called him Benjamin instead. Gen. 35:16,17,18

Rachel has gone into hard labor. She is giving birth to second and last child. This will be the last son of Jacob, his twelfth son. All the son's prior were born in Assyria but this is the only one that is birthed in the land of promise. Rachel is not only experiencing birth pains but she is also experiencing pains of death. With her dying breath she names the child Ben-oni, which means "Son of my sorrow", but his father names him Benjamin, which means "Son of my right hand." He is not only the only son born in Israel, but he is the only son named by his father. All the children born unto Jacob prior to Benjamin were named by their mothers.

All the children before Benjamin drew their identity from their mother, but Benjamin represents a season when the People of God begin to relate to and draws it's identity from it's father. The Church like Rachel, is about to miss interpret the season she's in. She thinks because of pain she's in the worst season she's ever been in, she feel's she's in the thros of death, But she's giving birth to her most powerful offspring yet, the son of authority. The one who draws his identity from his father.

You have a Father in heaven, and His identity is greater than that of your mother (the church). We've taken our identity from the church for so long that we are no longer in relation with our father. This is about to change. Those that are truly His are going to begin to take on His identity. Listen to the words of the mid-wife. "Don't be Afraid!" The words of the mid-wife are like a soothing prophetic voice to the body of Christ. Don't be afraid. Don't miss interpret this season. The Church is experiencing fear and uncertainty, But Donald Trump is not your covering. God the father is. Get to know Him in this season and stop being a mama's boy.

Growing up it was easy to tell a child who did not have a strong father's influence in his life. They drew most of their identity in their developemental years from their mother. The body of Christ is this way. We only know the voice of our mother. And all instruction for service comes from her and as a result we are bogged down in useless philosophies that do not promote a life of faith in God. As a result we've taken our identity solely from her. There is an awakening coming and Benjamin is on the way. There may be persecution that looks like the death of us, but don't miss interpret the season, it's not Benoni, it's Bejamin, that is coming forth. Amen. Pastor Rusty

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