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  • Shelia Hart Artt


Daily Word - 05.25.19 - Pastor Sheliah

God says: “I have given you … complete and free access to My Kingdom! KEYS TO OPEN any and every door: There are no more barriers between Heaven and earth…” (Matt.16:19 Msg)

This gives us new understanding to Revelation 3:20 – “I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears AND OPENS, I will come into him”

Yes! YOU HAVE THE KEY TO UNLOCK THAT DOOR! Not for salvation only, but for all authority and power He has provided in our lives! Don’t continue to “wish” for these things!

What are you waiting for? He is “waiting” for you to utilize what He has already given you – THE KEYs – TO OPEN EVERYTHING He has put in your heart to do in the Kingdom!

YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A KEY that will unlock and release the enemy’s grip on your life, your family, your neighborhood, city, state, and nation as you exercise the authority of the KEY - His gift to you!

With this authority by Holy Spirit, your prayer life, your words, your ministry change the atmosphere where you are!

NOW! Take the “KEYS OF THE KINGDOM” that are yours (because of your relationship to Christ) NOW offered to you – and begin to enjoy and experience the Fullness of the Kingdom – which is – “Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Rom.14:17)

~ Shelia Hart Artt

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