• Glory Barn Branson

“Eat the Victory!”

There are numerous places in the scriptures where the Lord tells his children to “remember what he has done.” I was speaking yesterday and as I spoke I began to see a vision. In the vision I saw an angel in the room. He was walking up to each person in the congregation. The angel was handing them something to their mouths and each time he told them to “eat the victory! Eat the victory!”

The Lord said to remember the victories he has brought! To eat them, dwell on them, and chew on them. As we do this we will encourage our spirit. We will increase our faith. It is important to dwell on the victories that God has done for you. Eat the victory! Let it become part of you!

Psalms 77:11 “I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”

- Pastor Belinda🌷