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"El" meaning God

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

"El" meaning God - Daily Word - 9-13-2018

"El" meaning God -[basic form] The name for God meaning "strength, might, or power."

I had a dream last night. In my dream I was in a town in the US. I met a young man and lady. They were so excited about what they had managed to accomplish. They had managed to go thru life without anyone finding out they had the word "El" inscribed in gold inside of their mouths. I knew what "El" meant, it is Hebrew for God. I looked at them and thought why would you be proud of having hidden God all of your life? I then went to see a family we know but they were hidden inside their house and only came out when they knew we were coming over. The community was all dark and they were totally hidden from the community and the darkness They had God but they weren't sharing Him with others. They were hiding from the darkness. Keeping God all to themselves. All of these people were proud in themselves for hiding from the world. God has been hidden inside of His people and He wants to be shared with the world! Open your mouths, shine the light He has given you!

- Belinda

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