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"My brothers and sisters count it nothing but joy when you fall into all sorts of trials, because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect effect so that you will be perfect and complete not deficient in anything." James 1:2,3,4

Spoken like a true rabbi. ✡ It is most likely that this standout epistle was written by James the brother of our Lord Jesus, who was also the first Pastor of the church in Jerusalem. (Acts 15:13). I say that because rabbis to this day delve deeply into the philosophy behind a matter. Wether it be a trial or suffering. But James says trials produce endurance. Endurance is translated from the Greek word "hypomone" which means "to bear up under", sort of a biblical version of "no pain no gain". In body building it takes resistance to build muscle, even so in faith it takes resistance to build faith. 💪 You can't build faith without going through something. You need endurance in your life. (Matt 24:13). Hence the other key word in this text. Testing. The word testing here is derived from the Greek word "dokiminion" meaning "the proving". Modern Christianity doesn't have much use for the testing of our faith and we are prone to undermine its significance in our growth, but the rabbis get it, and James the pastor got it. You need this activity for spiritual growth, so count it all joy, brethren.😊👍 Let endurance have its' perfecting effect on your Christian life.🤓 As always, God bless you and keep you.👌 Pastor Rusty😎

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