Ephrath "And Rachel died there, and was buried in the way of Ephrath, which is Bethleham." Gen. 35:19

Ephrath is first introduced to us as the place where Benjamin (son of my right hand) is born. Benjamin is the twelfth son of Jacob and the only child born in the land of promise. He is also the only child named by his father representing offspring that take their identity from their father and not their mother. The true sons of power will always draw their identity from their Father. But look at where this level of fruition takes place. Ephrath, which in the Hebrew tongue means “ash heap”, a place of fruitlessness. Ephrath would be renamed Bethleham, the birthplace of Christ. If you think that your living in Ephrath, and your in the most painful and unfruitful place in your whole life, but you know God brought you to this place, just hold on because God is going to turn your Ephrath into Bethleham, the place of your greatest fruition. It is the place of loss,(Rachel), but it is the place of birth, (Benjamin). Benjamin growing up completely without his mother, knowing only His Father will become the son who sits at the right hand.

Let God turn your Ephrath into your Bethleham.

Hold on and God bless,

Pastor Rusty

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