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  • Pastor Belinda Owens

If you have a need.....

Daily Word - Jan. 10, 2019

Psalm 105:1

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.

Let the whole world know what he has done!

I remember when I was about 14 years old traveling in a greyhound bus with my family. Sometimes “pickings could be thin” if you know what I mean. Especially if you were a ministry family going from church to church and tent revival to tent revival. One time my mom decided to “sow in faith” and so she did with some corn. She was praying for a blessing in our food department. Well I do believe her faith worked because for some reason we had people everywhere we went giving us corn! We had cans and cases of corn given to us! I being a potato lover said “ Mom, why didn’t you sow potatoes?”

God answered her faith. Sometimes if you are needing an area of your life blessed it is good to “sow” out of that need.

Blessings and multiplication are something God is good at. I believe I shared a while back how God super naturally multiplied turkeys for us on the Lakota Reservation in South Dakota. To this day there is no explanation as to where the extra turkeys came from except from God! We had a need for more and God provided. As we reached and passed more out of the truck even though we were counting every one of them, the remaining amount grew. We had plenty for each community!

He has a strong history of providing in a time of need.

One more reminder of God’s provision. We were in the mountains of Nicaragua. We were running short on rice that was to be given out to the locals in each village we went to. I, my translator, and my lead pastor laid hands on our rice and asked God to multiply it. We made every stop that we had planned to make and gave out rice like we had planned. We never ran out which we should have! We returned that evening with rice left over!

You have a need? Ask God to help you, then listen to Him and do any thing He May ask, then watch Him bless and multiply for you!

Here is a poem God gave me about being raised under God’s wing:

Raised on a bus

Grew up under a gospel tent

Hammond organ and drums

That’s how it went

Taught how to trust Him

Seen it with my own eyes

The blind did see

The deaf did hear

And the lame were made to rise

The example of faith that my parents did show

Has lasted me thru hard times cause I know where to go

They taught me to ask, and fellowship with the Lord

Finding favor with Him just makes me want more!

I have seen a man with a gun

Changed by the Lord

He and his wife gave their hearts to the Lord

A Warlock with no power when faced by the Lord

He is God Jehovah

My King and my Lord

Freedom was there when the organ was played

it looked like a rodeo or so they did say

All the dust from the ground

rising up as they praised

It was said by some folks

That the Spirit of God came

“And the people were stacked like cord wood” was the description that was told

As the Holy Ghost fell on them just like in the Bible times of old.

.... tent revival ..... written by Belinda Owens 1/8/19

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