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“Faith Believing Momma” 🌷

I have shared a few stories here in the blog of my childhood and things I learnt from being a P.K. (Preacher’s kid).

I think one of the most important things I can do is share things I have learnt on my path. I also want to place honor where honor is do.

One place I need to place some honor is on my mother. She didn’t just teach us the basics of sowing and reaping as I mentioned last week in my blog but she taught me faith. Let me share a little here.

I remember I was just a child and a spider had bitten my mother on her leg. It turned in to a rotting hole. I watched her pray and declare healing over that leg. My dad would be setting up the tent (60X40) for revival services. He would preach and see blind eyes opened, deaf ears made to hear, demons cast out, yet mom still had a rotting hole in her leg from the spider bite. She went one day after weeks of pain, swelling, and suffering, to the shoe store. She hadn’t been able to wear a shoe for sometime. She purchased a pair of red dress shoes and set them on her dresser. She said she set them there so she could look at them and declare that she was healed! Still rotting, still very smelly, and still very painful. She would ice it down just to be able to stand to ride to services where my dad would preach healing. It went on so long I can remember dad thinking he might lose her. Mom just kept on believing by faith that even though her leg looked horrible God was the healer and by the stripes of Jesus she would be made whole!

She wore those red shoes! Her leg began to heal and she danced at church in those shoes! I think all of our faith wavered but not hers!

It is with great desire that I long to become the type of Christian that my parents exampled before me. They not only talked the talk, they walked it as well.

You can over come whatever it is that is trying to suck the life right out of you! Give life to the words “ I shall live and not die! My God is a healer! I will over come! I will win this battle!”

Shield maiden for Jesus,

Belinda 🌷


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