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Faith & Guts....

I do believe God can, has, and does still to this day raise the dead! I have seen it with my own eyes. It takes a step of faith (or guts)to operate at the level where one can see such a happening as someone returning to life! Some will make the argument that the time of miracles has passed, yes it has for those who don’t or won’t ask. It’s a stretching of our faith to believe and God wants to stretch your faith time and time again. Here is a good rule of thumb when it comes to believing with faith, any thing is possible when it includes God.

This is a trying time in our world. Replace your fear of the coronavirus with faith in a living God and we will see this thing, this virus, die. Stand your ground and pray over family, loved ones and friends in the name of Jesus!


Pastor Belinda 🌷


Here is a faith testimony from Smith Wigglesworth-

One day I saw a woman with tumors. In the condition she was in, she could not live out that day. I said, “do you want to live?”

She could not speak, but she was able to move her finger. In the name of Jesus, I anointed her with oil. Mr. Fisher, who was with me, said “she’s gone!”

It had been a little blind girl who had led me to this dying mother’s bedside. Compassion broke my heart for that child. I had said to the mother, “lift your finger.” Carrying the mother across the room, I put her against the wardrobe. I held her there, I said “in the name of Jesus, death, come out.”

Like a falling tree, leaf after leaf, her body began moving. Upright instead of lifeless, her feet touched the floor. “In then name of Jesus walk,” I said. She did, back to her bed.

I told the story in the service. It was a doctor there who said “I’ll prove that.” He saw her and confirmed that the story was true. She told the doctor: “it is all true. I was in heaven and I saw countless numbers all like Jesus. He pointed, and I knew I had to go. Then I heard a voice saying, “Walk in the name of Jesus.”

There is power in his resurrection. There is a “righteousness which is from God by faith” Philippians 3:9. Are we able to comprehend it? Can we have it? It is his love. It is his life in us. It is his compassion.

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