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Fallen warrior...

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Daily Word - Nov 19, 2018

I did not mean to walk away

From the love you gave

And the answers when I prayed

The people they pulled me

With their tongue they blamed you

Seemed for every rotten thing that ever happened the blame was laid on you

I have known your blessings

Your over powering love

That can change men’s heart from darkness to the most beautiful lights

Seems as I fell there hurting I let them pick me up I felt deserted

Now after so much time has passed me

I find I am trapped in darkness

I was to week to stand as I gave in they consumed me.

Not saying I didn’t let them, cause I couldn’t fight I just became them

They can’t see your love for their hatred

The darkness has covered their eyes.

If they could just remove their blinders

They would again know your love is greatest

Set me free from the bondage

That I have become

Make me dance in the light of your loveliness

Help me shake free from the grasp of their poison

And once again let me shout “freedom!”

- Pastor Belinda

(This word I heard from the Lord given in the night. It was as if I were writing from the heart of someone realizing how far they have strayed maybe it will touch someone)

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