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So if the Son sets you free, you really will be free. John 8:36

When we do deliverance on a person (cast out demonic spirits) they are free. All of this thru the precious blood of Jesus! Many times those spirits will return just to see if they can find an opening to come in again. If we have returned to activities that opened the door to them in the first place, they will take up camp again. It is so important to keep the doors shut that allow these spirits into your life. You ask what is a door? A door can be entertaining evil thoughts or activity. Reading your horoscope is one that many people think is innocent but it is just the opening to witch craft. Yeah, it is. Witchcraft and spells do nothing but partner your life and spirit to destruction. Satan never brings a blessing. He is sent to kill, steal and destroy. So yes, witchcraft is a huge door. Allowing yourself to function in an ungodly manner is a door, period.

Spirits cause sickness. Many times we have cast out demons that you can see and feel out of peoples bodies. You ask “if I am sick do I have a demon?” Not necessarily. It can become that. Close the doors in your life that cause you to leak out the filling of the Lord inside you! If it’s anger, yes close it out. Try to control it and if it is to a point you can’t control it then seek out a minister who can pray a deliverance on you.

We want to protect the very presence of the Lord that is with us so that every day of our lives are filled with his goodness. Basic 101 on closing doors and keeping his presence, live a Godly life. It’s that simple. Repent, go forth and be a light for others to follow.

God wants you full of Him and blessed beyond measure. Take your freedom in this 4th of July. Shake Egypt off of you so you resemble a child of the God that is above ALL gods!

At the Glory Barn we do offer prayer for healing, deliverance, and salvation. Repentance is good for your soul. ♥️

Love you all,

Pastor Belinda 🌷”Happy 4th of July

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