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God has spoken & we believe

Daily Word➖Sept.1,2018➖Pastor Sheliah


Some of the Quotes from Prophets who have spoken over the Glory Barn.(Over the past 20-Years.)

➖VIBRATIONS - released from this place – like a Trumpet sound! There is a High Place – near here that is impacting this Region. (Region = Approximately 30-mile-radius from here.)

➖This Church is a BIG RED ALARM! There is a Corporate Anointing for the Region – and we must SOUND THE ALARM! – To Gather the Church in the Region! We will “vibrate” with this ALARM!

➖There is a “throne of authority” – Rev.22:1 – “He showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb…” The Word of God flows in authority.

➖There are “Divine Appointments” still to come – God wants to release to this Church & through this Church connections. Prophetic Worshippers Arise! It’s a “New Thing” – You are Prophetic People – in Prophetic Positioning – To Release (Blow-Out) the Heart of God to the Region.

➖Don’t be afraid to be Different – The Problem with most churches is they are afraid of being “wrong” – Don’t be afraid! Release in FULLNESS and Don’t Hold Back!

➖We will communicate to the world through internet / email / etc. etc. We will see the Fullness of His Demonstration – When we let go & let God do His Completed Work in us!”



1st – We must recognize that we are NOT “Church as usual” – Not just for the sake of being “different” but because we have a Mandate to Be Distinctly What God Has Called Us to BE!!

We are a “Trumpet” Sounding the Word of God to Flow Through this region. We are Prophetic Intercession – in a New Way – Declaring His Purpose and Plans over this region.

God is aligning us for Worship & Prophetic release – Bringing a New Sound of His Freedom to a people – breaking the back of the “religious spirit” that has dominated this region!

He will establish in us a Family Ministry – every area – Calling forth leaders to take the initiative and move forward with His purpose.

There will be All we have need of - to accommodate what God is doing!

“You will never be free until …you free yourself from your own false thoughts.”

~ Shelia Hart Artt

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