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God Jehovah Reign!

Daily Word - March 11, 2019🌷

I want to continue with the testimony of how awesome our God is. There are those who need some encouragement right now and so I want to continue.

Rusty and I were needing a newer car. We had a 2003 Ford Focus and it was time to purchase a newer Vehicle. This was a few years ago. We began looking around at different cars. We wanted a car that would get good gas milage. Well one day we decided to go looking. When we walked out on the car lot I felt the Lord say turn down this row. As I did I spotted a dark grey Focus I felt I should look at. As I looked I realized it had every feature I had named that I wanted when I had been praying. So we test drive it and decided we wanted it. When we went into the dealership and set down to Discuss the price etc. Rusty informed them that we had to use our (old worn out car) as a trade in. The sells man said “oh I can tell you now that they will not want your car, but I will go ask my boss”. When he went to ask his boss his boss said “ oh yes we want their car.” He said “for some reason Japan wants it. They have been purposing that model and shipping it to Japan”. The sales man came back down to us and shared the wonderful news! It was a God thing!

Keep believing, keep standing. We do win this battle!

God Jehovah is King!

Pastor Belinda 🌷

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