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God’s Leaders

God’s leaders – Daily Word- 9-6-2018

I had a dream awhile back. In my dream I saw a Native American man setting in a four lane highway meridian leaning against a building. The building was one like you can see along highways and such where they keep highway equipment and materials.

As I walked up to the man he stood up. I realized he was a Native American. Suddenly I knew he was a Cherokee Chief. He said he was trying to lead his people in the right direction. The highway surrounding us became a path people would travel on and he was trying to decide which turn to take. I began speaking in another tongue which sounded like a Native American dialect as I put my finger on his chest. As I held my finger on his chest I continued to speak in this language as if I were talking in his native tongue. He knew what I was saying. When this stopped I told him I was also trying to make sure and take the right path.

He turned and picked up a t-shirt at which time a sweat shirt appeared laying over my arm. As he opened up the t-shirt he said “let me show you what I mean” and at the very same time I opened my sweat shirt from over my arm. Both shirts had the exact same design on the front. It was a design of the highway we were traveling. It looked like a tree and he and I were in the design on the trunk of the tree waiting to go the correct way. Both his shirt and my sweat shirt were dark green.

As I awoke I thought to myself that I needed to look up the current Chief of the Cherokees. I wanted to know who I had just visited with. As I began to look for the Chief the Lord said “Not all leaders and chiefs appointed by men are seen as leaders and chiefs by Me. The ones I anoint to be leaders and chiefs may not be those elected by men.” So I knew he maybe someone who as far as man was concerned was not a chief, but as far as God was concerned he was and his influence to his people was important and God ordained.

As I was praying the Lord brought this dream to my mind. I asked the Lord how I could share this dream and it be relevant to His church. The Lord said “If those anointed by Me use their anointing to better themselves or cause My children to be their servants then they are WRONG!” He then showed me the picture of the right side up triangle and then He said “it needs to be flipped over." (I had seen this before where the tip of the triangle supports the large end of the triangle). God said "the authority and anointing I give is for the leader to train and advance My Kingdom."

When we function as Kingdom leaders the triangle is corrected and God's Kingdom is as He has planed, a culture of honor that brings Him glory!

- Be wise and blessed,

Pastor Belinda

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