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  • Shelia Hart Artt


Daily Word ➖ May.11.2019➖Pastor Sheliah

❣️Happy Birthday to me! 🎶 Since I’m staying by myself @ my Mom’s house -I suppose it’s okay to sing for my own Birthday! 💝 I won’t tell you how old I am, but I will tell you I was 70 last year! Go Figure‼️

Honestly, I was having my own party this morning (a “Pity Party” sad to say). But even I wasn’t enjoying it!

Then, as He does for me often, God sent me a question ... this time from our sweet Medda (they are adjusting well in San Antonio. Andrew & Arthur both have jobs & they’re looking for a house).

Medda’s remark to me: “Mama, I am overwhelmed & calm at the same time. Is that peace? 😆 (I love you and Aaron.)”

And then God spoke so clearly to me! Here’s what I wrote as He spoke:

My response to Medda: “You are being Overwhelmed by His Grace being poured out & at peace with whatever He has set before you! That's the adventure of life‼️❤️ That's a life of real FAITH! 🥰

“You see - Grace is there when we "need it" not before! But Peace is our state of being - in the storms of life or when we are in perfect rest. Nothing changes in us - we are just more aware of it when storms are brewing around us‼️🌪❤️😁”


So all day this has been on my mind (Thanks for the distraction, Medda; got me back “on track” thinking about God’s goodness!)

FAITH is never the absence of “storms” or challenges! Don’t let anyone guilt you ➖ saying that you are not a “Faith-Man” (or wo-man) because you are facing some trials! Jesus said, “In this world you WILL HAVE tribulation, BUT be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world!” (John.16:33)

Hebrews.11:13 (MB) says: “These heroes of faith all died believing. Although they DID NOT witness the promise in their lifetime, they saw its fulfillment in the future and embraced the promise ... Convinced of its reality; they declared by their way of living that they were mere sojourners and pilgrims in a shadow land whose geography could neither confine nor define their true inheritance.”

So what’s your answer, when someone say ➖dies➖ when you were believing for their healing? Can we remain “at Peace” full of “Hope” and believe they will see it in their “future”? You can➖if your attachment is not to this earthly existence.

Your Faith will carry you on in this life➖full of Hope & Promises for the completed work of God in you. And you will walk in His great Grace and Peace every step of the way➖in good times and bad.

Meanwhile we truly are sojourners and pilgrims ... “not confined or defined by our geography!”

Yes! It is well with my soul because of His Grace, Peace & Faith - freely poured out in my life ❤️‼️ ~ Shelia Hart Artt

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