• Shelia Hart Artt


Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Daily Word - 05.18.19 - Pastor Sheliah

“You are greatly loved and admired”

We have a dear friend -Belinda’s her name!

Never did she ever seek riches or fame

Tho’ God had plans - she did not yet know

Through her - His secrets - the world to show.

This year she’s amazed us -and we all have seen

That bright light - His Glory - shining forth like a beam

Coming from her heart -only to reveal

Mysteries of God - a marvelous appeal ...

To children and parents and older folks too

Wonderful stories - old ones and new

Teaching of His love, His treasures, His heart

Teaching us that we can all be a part ...

Of His Story - with dreams and His wonderful power

To demonstrate Jesus in this very hour!

Belinda the writer, the poet - you bet!

But wait, my friend, you’ve seen nothin’ yet!

We’ve seen the beginning and a bit of the light

But there’s so much more - and she’ll do it right

Writing to impact the lives of the hurting, the broken, the lost

Because it is “in Christ alone” that she boasts! (1Corinthians.1:31)

~Shelia Hart Artt (Belinda’s Birthday was yesterday - May 17)

“You are mutually enriched in every possible sense of the word and inseparably joined to one another in an undivided heart, without any hidden agenda. And together we, the conduit of your gifts, will set the stage for a joyous grace celebration to God!”

[2Corinthians.9:11 MB]