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Hard lesson learned-

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Daily Word - August 20,2018

Hard lesson learned!

We were eating breakfast and come to find out a well know celebrity was setting by us. I heard the Lord say “buy his breakfast” I thought wow where did that come from! I replied “ he is well off, and how would it look if I asked to buy his breakfast!” So I set there questioning “do I need too?” “Would it be ok?” Then I over heard him say “ oh man”to the waitress and his friend, “I feel like less than a man!” He had forgotten his wallet! His friend had already jumped up and paid. Now I am kicking myself for not acting on the first word of “offer to buy his breakfast”. Some days we have peanut butter in our ears! My youngest grandson asked me what that meant I said “it means you can’t hear cause you have peanut butter stuffed in your ears.” I missed an opportunity from God. May we learn to hear and act as soon as the words to action are given!

It is frustrating to seek God to use you then to blow it by not stepping up! Thankfully he is a gracious Father who will forgive our short comings! The minute I knew I had missed it I asked the Father to forgive me and let’s have a retry! Next time I want to be eager to act! If the Lord tells you something don’t do what I did, but be eager to please!

- Pastor Belinda

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