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He cares about your frappe! 🤔🧐😊

Here in the last few days I have been looking over finances with our up coming trip to Israel next year in mind. Looking to cut this or that and trying to be a “wise steward” of what comes in. Since my esophagus surgery a few months ago I had really enjoyed the Mc Cafe frappe from McDonald’s. I was talking to the Lord and I mentioned to him that I really enjoyed those from time to time but I just wasn’t feeling good about cutting back ( oh what faith I didn’t have 🤭) and then spending $4 for a drink. Well last week as I was having this conversation with the Lord at Mc Donald’s drive thru I noticed on my Mc Donald’s app it said “buy 5 and get 1 free” this wasn’t helpful for me cause I have maybe had 5 in a year. Well I asked the young man at the window what it meant cause mine now said “ buy 5 get 1 free, and then it said “26”. He said let me scan your app, so I did. He then said “ well you have 26 free ones, and you just used 1. He said “that’s it your done, you don’t owe anything, and you have 25 free ones left!” Ok, many remember the “hot fudge sundaes” testimony? Again God seems to care about the little things!

God cares about the little things that are you. He has every hair on your head numbered! He cares that you like frappe‘s. He cares that you want a hot fudge sundae with cherries and cool whip!

It kind of makes me feel a little guilty trying to save to go on a trip and I am trying to pinch and make happen, then He hands me a frappe and says, “I can even supply your desires, trust me!”

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart” Psalms 37:4

I will repost the “hot fudge sundae” testimony so those who haven’t heard it can.

Pastor Belinda 🌷

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