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He is God!

As some of you have heard me share before that as a girl I saw many miracles happen in my dad’s ministry. He believed God’s word was true and if God said it that was it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Dad had a tent revival in a little town in Oklahoma back then. There was a girl brought to him for prayer for her leg. It had been cut off and there was difficultly with it. So dad prayed. Word came back that they kept having to take her in to shorten her leg because it kept growing and her artificial leg wouldn’t attach correctly. As you guessed it we were all wondering “WHAT!” Let it grow!!!

But in our carnal understanding it wouldn’t cross our minds that just maybe God was trying to give her a miracle!

So as you read the following miracle from Azusa Street Revival keep in mind God isn’t restricted to our little understanding. Pray big, believe big! Go for all you can imagine then try and stretch farther!

Be blessed,

Pastor Belinda 🌷

“They told us their stories”

The Azusa Street Revival

―I recall witnessing two of the greatest miracles where Seymour was greatly used by God.‖ I was all ears! First, she told about the man with the wooden leg. Seymour had approached a man with a wooden leg and asked, ―What did you come here for?‘ The man replied, ―I want you to pray for my leg. It is starting to get gangrene where the wooden leg attaches.‖ Seymour replied, ―I‘m just upset because you have the wooden leg on. It would be hard for God to grow a leg out when the wooden leg is attached.‖ The man removed the wooden leg and stood before Seymour standing on his one good leg.

Seymour laid hands on the man and proclaimed, ―Let Thy Name be Glorified. In the Name of Jesus, I command this leg to grow out. The gangrene is gone; you are healed.‖

Seymour didn‘t preach that night. The miracle spoke for itself. Rejoicing was continuous as the crowd went wild. The man ran upon the platform and around the room. No one could get him to stop rejoicing and praising God.

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