• Pastor Belinda Owens

He is God in the bad...

Daily Word - Feb. 28,2019 🌷

I can truly say sometimes life can be overwhelming. Even if you are a Christian and whether you are poor or rich, we all have “those days”.

For me this Sunday March 3rd is the hardest day of my life. No matter where I am. No matter what I am doing my heart remembers it is the day our lives turned upside down. In our case it was the loss of our oldest son, Cameron. It’s been 14 years this Sunday but it still is very fresh and vivid in my heart. Healing from loss takes time and I have come to know that you never “get over it”. God just helps us to deal with it. He has carried me a lot.

So no matter what kind of a situation you are in, or no matter what you are facing let me say “Peace, be still”. Let go of the worry. He is in control. Your life may be rolling in chaos right now but it will be ok. Just give it to Him and let Him take care of it. Don’t turn your back on Him because of things men do. Focus on Him.

He has good things in store for your life.


Sometimes it seems as though ...

You are walking in quick sand

Sometimes it seems as though...

No one understands

But there is someone who loves you

Who will hold your hand

His name is Jesus, the Great I Am

Just call upon Him

Your load He will lift

He will go before you

The Red Sea will split

He gives hope beyond hope

When doctors are through

He can touch your life

and make it anew

No matter your problem

Just call on Him

He is waiting for you to let Him in

Beauty for ashes, new life will begin

Tell Him your problems then listen to Him 💙

- Pastor Belinda 🌷

- written Feb. 27th, 2019