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“He will set you free if you choose Him” -

Pastor Belinda🌹- July 13, 2023

This word was given to me from the Lord awhile back. I believe it is relevant now. This past Sunday the Lord had me speak on forgiveness. I am seeing God speak this over the church, over His bride. He wants to take us deeper than ever before. He wants us to walk in obedience with a clean heart. He is healing broken lives and setting people free. Just choose Him, he will handle the rest.

Here is the word:

Just as He has given me downloads for books, I heard Him start speaking and this is what He said. I feel I am to release it. I pray it sparks movement in you toward Him.

“Thus sayith the Lord unto those that will hear. It is time for you to choose your God. I have placed a door before you. One that will lead to a path of righteousness where my spirit will dwell. Those who walk thru it can receive my hand upon them. Choose me says the Lord for it is not a day of dawning but a day of setting. Not a day of beginning but a day of finishing. My time is now, your choice is now. Choose my right hand, my blessing. No longer are we at a point of passiveness. My heart has seen the earth and it’s woes. Woes of want, for a time of peace, woes of sin as you have set outside my hand. It is time for a bridge of mending, your heart should be mine. Choose what you desire. “

- Pastor Belinda🌷

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