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How to be delivered

- Pastor Belinda🌹 - Sept. 28, 2023

Once you realize you have bondage you can not seem to break, you need deliverance. Whether it’s:


* Worry

* Unbelief

* Need to Control

* Anxiety

* Isolation

* Apathy

* Drugs/alcohol


* Adultery

* Pornography

* Fornication

* Lewdness

* Molestation

* Rape

* • Homosexuality


* Bitterness

* Envy

* Gossiping

* Slander

* Anger

* Self-hatred (low self worth)


* Astrology

* Fortune Telling-Tarot Cards

* Séances/ Ouija Board

* Manipulation

* Participation in Covens

* Casting curses/Witchcraft practices

* New Age/Yoga/Reiki

You can be FREE! Once you acknowledge your need for help from the Lord, you are on your way to freedom!

Now, how do you get free? Ask the Lord to come in and cleanse you. Ask him to be Lord if your life. Allow him to bust open any and all rooms in your heart you may have piled things you didn’t want to deal with. God is a professional cleaner! He knows exactly how to fix YOU! He knows your strengths and He knows your weaknesses. There have been deliverances done when no one was there but Jesus and the person. Deliverance can happen in a worship service when the Holy Spirit shows up. Let me say here that if you are demonically bound and those demons are not upset when you set in your church service, then you need to go to a church where God is allowed to move and those demons are uncomfortable. You must have Holy Ghost power to evict demonic spirits.

I have had people delivered by reading a book. It was a book titled “Praying with Tongues of Fire” which I wrote and it is available on Amazon. Anytime God is allowed to move, he will uproot anything that is not Godly. Why would you want to keep a spirit that wants nothing more than to destroy you? Why would you want to let them exist inside you?

When you come to the point that being free and full of Jesus is your desire, then you are ready for deliverance. Find a minister, find a church that puts God’s presence first and in it you will be able to find freedom. My next blog I will write about staying free.

Let me pray over you. "Father, I ask in the name of Jesus, that every demonic strong hold in the lives of those reading this, will be broken! I command in the name of Jesus, FREEDOM from darkness! Freedom from anger, fear, sexual sin! Freedom from witchcraft, hatred! You must go in Jesus name!"

Mark 16:17-18

New King James Version

17 And these signs will follow those who [a]believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; 18 they[b] will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

God bless you and keep you free!

Pastor Belinda🌹

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Membro desconhecido
28 de set. de 2023

Freedom freedom freedom! Hallelujah!!!

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