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"How to Find Favor in the Eyes of the King"

Have you ever thought why does it seem that God is always answering a certain person’s prayers? Maybe it seems like they are always having dreams or visions. Why is it when a prophet comes to a service, they always prophesy to them? God is no respecter of persons, or does He have favorites? If He has favorites, how can I be one? Anything God has ever done for a person is available to you and available to all if you will position yourself to receive. Yes, you can be God’s favorite. Yes, you can obtain His favor on you.

How do I do that? Well, there are things we do that set our interactions and visitations from the Father. Most of the church world ignores Him. They read His word, but they never talk to Him. They have no relationship between them and God. It is like eating hard toast without any water to wash it down. When you obtain the favor of God, He will pour into you the water of life. Your bread will go down a whole lot easier when you have water with it.

If you want to be one that is highly favored by the Lord follow me while we take a look at some of the things that draw Him to you.

In Isaiah 66:2 the Lord admits He made “them” that is how they came to be. He states that He shows “special favor” to those who are humble and contrite and have respect for what He has to say.

What does contrite mean? Contrite; feeling or expressing remorse or penitence; affected by guilt. God has always required repentance.

Before Jesus, He required a blood sacrifice. After Jesus gave His life for us and for all our sins all He requires is that we ask Jesus to forgive us for any sins we have committed. We ask Jesus to be Lord of our life from here forward. Having a clean heart is especially important when having an audience with God. So, we need to be contrite. To this day I will ask Jesus to wash my heart and mind making sure I am clean before Him before I will spend time in the King's chamber.

Position yourself, make yourself kissable, seek him.

- Pastor Belinda

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