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"How to have favor with the King"

In the book of Esther 2 chapter, Esther found favor in the eyes of Hegai. Hegai took Esther and helped her prepare for her presentation to the King. She was soaked in perfumes and oils. Esther was given everything she could possibly need to make herself ready for the King.

Esther could have said “I don’t need to bathe; I bathe every day” but she didn’t. She submitted and allowed herself to be literally purified for six months in oil of myrrh and six months with sweet odors, along with other things for purifying. When she was brought before King Ahasuerus, Esther found grace and favor in his sight. Esther made herself desirable.

We can make ourselves desirable, someone that the king will want to spend time with by being mindful of His presence. Honor Him, we have grown so used to God we have lost our reverence for Him. When He is in the room stop talking, listen to Him. Another way is to walk as though the Dove of the Holy Spirit is setting on your shoulder. Don't visit places that would cause Him to fly off. Seek Him earnestly. God knows what is in your heart so way hide from Him. Lay everything on the table and get real with Him. I have always lived by the rule that if I can't comfortably talk to God about something then I don't need it. Wash your heart and mind in the blood of Jesus. You may have done this when you received salvation, do it again, you need to be washed in His blood often, never assume you have it all, you don't, seek for more. Ask for forgiveness that you will be a clean temple for Him to dwell in.

Remember, He is a Holy God who longs to dwell within you, make room for Him. Soak in His presence as Esther soaked in fine oils.


Pastor Belinda

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