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I could pray!

How much better I would have been,

if I hadn’t taken it on the chin,

If I had bowed my head in prayer and asked the Lord to help me with His power,

I fought the devil with my might,

If I would have called Jesus I could have slept thru the night.

He will fight your battles if you will allow,

Tell Him your troubles, tell Him now,

Don’t wait till it is to late and you have suffered a blow, and met your fate,

Jesus loves you, more than you know.

I was in a store yesterday when I was walking past a lady who was setting on an electric cart. As I passed her she began to speak to me so I stopped. As I stood there this lady I did not know began to speak to me about her dire situation. She poured out her troubles as I listened. As I stood there I thought, I don’t have money to give her. I don’t have the ability to change her situation, someone was making her life miserable, but I could pray! I could address her situation in the heavens. I could call on the most mighty God to intervene in her life! I had the power to help her just like my children’s book “Asher and the Superheroes” I could pray!

Take your situation to the Lord. Didn’t feel helpless because you are not.

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Written by Pastor Belinda 🌷

June 25, 2020







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