• Pastor Rusty Owens

“I had a dream”

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: Acts 2:17.

Tuesday morning Jan. 11, I had a dream. It woke me up I looked at my phone to see the time, it was 7:27. In my dream, I was meeting some people that were involved with the mission in Mexico. We were meeting beside the road at a rural homestead in what “seemed” to be eastern Oklahoma, I only suppose this because some of the participants in the dream were from that region. I was meeting up with short-term missionaries that were taking provisions to Mexico. One that was there was Nathan Durant a missionary friend of mine from days gone by who lived in McAlester, Ok. I decided that I would ride with Nathan since he was traveling alone and we could catch up on old times. I thought I would help him out by paying for his gas for the trip south, but he slipped off and went to fill his truck with gas without me. While he was gone we started looking through an old barn for provisions for our trip. In the barn, he had two perfectly preserved old aluminum fishing boats that were identical but in excellent shape, I wondered out loud if he would part with them, and the people I was with were sure that he would and began loading them and were strapping them down. Shortly we were invited up to the farmhouse to meet with other people. There were people there that I knew but hadn’t seen since high school. Pastor Sheila was there and I was surprised to find out she knew the farmer who owned the land. (This should not have surprised me seeing she knows everyone.) you could tell the farm had been prosperous at one time but now now it was rundown and old, there were rusted out grain bends and old farm implements in the fields that were no longer in use. As we were all visiting in the yard, off in the distance a large mushroom cloud appeared, we stood there looking at it in disbelief. You could see fire in the mushroom cloud signifying a bomb had been detonated. The people that were there standing in the yard started walking to an old two-story barn for protection. I was fascinated by how big this old structure was, the upper deck alone was big enough to host a gymnasium. Seeing that the old barn was lit up inside and inviting, I followed, thinking that this was an odd choice for a refuge from a pending fallout from the explosion. My dream broke off at this point and I looked at the clock. It was 7:27.

There are two things to note about the dream. One, I did dream it as I presented it. Two, it was from the Lord. The rest is open for interpretation. Some of the early aspects of the dream are metaphorical and already have significant recognition in ongoing ministry opportunities. If the geography of the dream was eastern Ok. I can only assume the mushroom cloud would have been as far away as Tulsa. But if this was taking place in southwest Missouri it would have been towards Kansas City. Again the dream was significantly allegorical therefore it might not be safe to assume the mushroom cloud was literal. But the nuclear explosion was so out of place with the context of the rest of the dream I can’t help but sense a warning. The clock, to me, seemed to have presented a timeline. It might be a mistake to think in terms of July 27, when in fact it could mean July 2027.

I originally shared part of this dream with the prayer warriors at the last burn service. But I received a phone call from a prophet in Florida four days later asking me what I’ve been hearing from the Lord lately. He then shared with me a vision he had about nuclear missiles flying overhead in Florida, he said he called and shared his vision with a prophetess who goes to his church, and she In turn shared with him a dream she had of a nuclear explosion going off on American soil. He then called a prophet in New Orleans and shared his vision with him and he, in turn, shared a similar dream with him about missiles going off in America. He then called me, (I guess you can see where I am in the prophetic pecking order) and I shared with him my dream. He calls a special zoom call with about thirteen pastors and prophets for that afternoon. ( I did not know he was going to do this.) In the zoom meeting, I was asked to share my dream while other ministers and prophets get to chime in. There seemed to be a consensus among the brothers that many of the nationally recognized prophets had been compromised in this last season and that God was speaking into regional prophets concerning their regions. Here is the takeaway from my position in that conference call. I had the dream, to say I didn’t dream it would be a lie. Two, I believe the dream is from the Lord. Everything else is up for interpretation. Before you get on your apocalyptic high horse consider this, a country the size of Japan had two of these explosions on its soil within three days apart and that country is still a thriving world economy and it doesn’t claim to be a Christian nation. My point is this, this could be a game-changer and not the end of the world, so don’t saddle up the four horses of the apocalypse just yet. My present consensus is that “game-changing events” are coming and that the Church is going to be “forced” to change the way it does business. Large mega churches will have a harder time navigating in the seas to come. Like the Titanic, they are large ships, and regardless of how qualified the captain is, your rudder is too small to divert such a large vessel from the icebergs in the water and you're going to have a harder time changing directions to avert problems and follow God’s flow. Also, the draft is too deep to navigate the rivers. “Game changers” are coming! I believe the values that the heartland of America holds are constantly under attack from progressive mindsets coming off both our coast, to say the heartland will come under attack in the future is an understatement. Gird Your Loins! (Eph. 6:14). If these dreams are prophetic statements we shall know soon enough. But I do believe in the promise that we are in the land of Goshen. Pray about these things and if the Lord gives you insight or strategies in these things, act upon them. God bless and hold fast to the faith.

Pastor Rusty

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