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“Inner healing and the matter of the heart♥️

” - Pastor Belinda🌷-

Aug. 4th, 2023

It’s a matter of the heart that brings me close to Him, or it can push me away if I don’t give it to Him.

If I build a fence to keep Him out, or remove them all and let Him stay.

It’s a matter of the heart that keeps me cold, if I don’t let Him in to cleanse my ways.

If I bow before Him and give my all, place Him on the throne He will save my soul.

The darkness must leave when Jesus is King, no room for depression or bondage to sin.

When the matter of the heart is surrendered complete, every chain is broken and my soul set free.

So if your heart has a matter you need to let go, give it to Jesus, he’ll wash you white as snow.

The demons will tremble when they see you’ve grown strong, cause what once held you, now it is gone!

Many times when doing deliverance we find that the demon has a strong hold that allows him to occupy the person. This strong hold is broken when the person will pray and ask God to help them forgive and remove the matters of the heart. After this is prayed in earnest, we see the demon exit as all of his rights to be there is gone. This brings healing and deliverance to the individual. Inner healing is a very necessary part of being free and staying free. If we don’t allow God to come in to every corner of our heart it is hard to maintain freedom. God wants to occupy the throne of your heart. Let Him in, give it all to Jesus!

- Pastor Belinda🌷

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Unknown member
Aug 07, 2023

Thank you Belinda ❤️


Kay Wiggins
Kay Wiggins
Aug 05, 2023


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