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"Is God Talking to You?"

When you pray are you taking time to quiet yourself and wait for God to speak to your heart. He may speak to you thru pictures/visions within your mind. He may speak to you through a still small thought in your mind. Or He may speak to you with an audible voice. When He does speak to you take note. Write it down. Preserve it so you can think about it and let it become alive in your heart and life. God’s voice brings forth life! Remember He spoke and the worlds were formed!

What if I don’t hear anything? If you don’t hear God then ask Him to speak to you. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Sometimes we have walls built up in our minds that keep us from hearing God. Try removing doubt and ask God to help you tear down those walls of fear and unbelief.

I believe that when we are created in our mother’s womb our spirit has just left the heavens. It is normal to hear God, see angels and all things heavenly. It’s when we are birthed into this world that we began a long road of negative deprogramming. We are taught that we aren’t supposed to see angels, and we aren’t supposed to hear God. We leave a place where we have been in the presence of the Lord and come to a place that sees these things as weird, crazy, and not normal. Then as a Christian we start trying to relearn how to function in the heavens, how to hear God’s voice, and we have to ask God to open our eyes to the supernatural. Makes me wonder how much farther along we would be if we were never taught that these things aren’t normal or taught that God doesn’t speak to us now days.

He is speaking are you listening?

- Pastor Belinda

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