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It was in the rushing water that is when I found him....

Daily Word - Oct. 11,2018

I do not know how to make the waters still. I do not know if I can stand. It was a dream prior to the loss of our son. I dreamed a tsunami had hit.

My youngest son, Rusty and myself were standing in an area with bleachers. I wondered where and why my oldest son was not with us. I heard an audible voice say to me for us to run. Run fast and run high. In my dream we ran up to the top bleachers. We huddled together me, my youngest son, and Rusty. As we huddled together shielding ourselves from the tsunami I waited for the voice to speak what to do next. I knew it was an angel giving us instruction on every move. We waited and finally the tsunami was over. The three of us held on to each other we had survived.

It was about a week later that we were hit with the tsunami. We faced the loss of our son. Nothing could have prepared us for this. Looking back now I see the dirty water swirling as it does after a flood. The tsunami had passed but now the debris were left. I can say we will never be the same. The recovery mode kicked in. Clean up began but it looked impossible. How could we ever go on? How could I smile again? The sting of loss is present at every family gathering weather it is Christmas or going to a movie, Cameron my son will always be missed, forever. Some of my comfort comes when I hold my grandchildren. The simple gesture of kissing them on the head means so much to my heart.

God will give you comfort in whatever tsunami you may face. He will calm the raging water. He will provide new replacement building blocks for you to pickup and rebuild your heart and your world.

- Pastor Belinda

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