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"For thou shalt worship no other God; For the LORD, whose name is jealous, is a jealous God." Exo. 34:14

The LORD (Yehova), by His own definition, is jealous. When it comes to deity you are not allowed to honor any other deity in your life. He in essence has replaced the concept of being first, to being only. We constantly look at jealousy as being a character flaw, but God Has elevated His jealousy as love in action. His possessiveness over what He has created cannot be seen as flawed.

So if your loved one has demonstrated jealousy over you and your attention in times past, remember they probably came by it honest, when our loving God has declared Himself to being jealous over what He loves, US. Go figure.

God bless always,

Pastor Rusty

#jealousGod #jealousforme

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