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Just A Soft Touch

As I have been writing the last few days and as I have been in prayer, I keep hearing the Father whispering. He has been pointing something out to me. It’s as easy as a whisper!

We make receiving from the Lord and healing to our heart, mind, and Spirit difficult. We make it something we can put “our” hands to. All it takes is a breath from God. Since God has been pointing this out to me, I have sat and watched as the Holy Spirit will come into a service and He moves through a crowd of people like a smoke stream. He touches this one and that one ever so softly but effectively. That one little touch can bring huge changes! Transformation in one little passing of the Holy Spirit!

As I have said before, “You are a spiritual being. You are having a human experience. Your human experience will end and you will return to your spiritual form which will last for an eternity.”

The changes God can bring about in you with just the breath of His nostrils would blow everything we think we know right out of the water. He is God. The biggest, the strongest God. No other Gods can compete with Him!

Let Him breathe on you!

- Pastor Belinda 🌷

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