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“Let me brag on my God!”

- Pastor Belinda🌷

I want to share a testimony. I think it would be encouraging to some. It is good to hear testimonies of God helping those who ask!

It was back when we were living in south Texas. We were in a position where we had a Ford F-150 and upon receiving our 40ft 5th wheel back which we had sold we were in big need of a bigger truck. Our F-150 was way to small to handle our 5th wheel. So Rusty started looking at diesel trucks. Now remember we were on the mission field full time. I asked him what it was going to take for us to get the sized truck we needed. I said to him “Maybe they would trade us straight across” and he informed me “no they won’t trade us straight across”. I said “let’s pray that they will want our truck” and he (doubtfully I might add) said “ok”.

Well he found one in the paper located north of us and said “let’s go look at it”. I added “maybe they will trade us straight across” 😊 and again he was not real encouraging.

We went to look at the truck. After he had been in the office with the sellers a little bit he came out and said to me “ well guess what, you aren’t going to believe this but they want our truck. They said all we would need to do is pay for the title change!” Wow! Guess what, God heard me and answered exactly what I had prayed to trade our F-150 2006 straight across for a Diesel F-250 2006. God did it!

God will provide for you. He will answer but you do need to ask. I have learnt to be specific when praying. Just like a loving parent He wants to help His children.

He will do it for you! Have faith and believe in Him!

Pastor Belinda 🌷

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