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  • Shelia Hart Artt

Let’s celebrate each other

➖ Daily Word ➖Jan.17.2019➖Pastor Sheliah ===========

"You are mutually enriched in every possible sense of the word and inseparably joined to one another in an undivided heart, without any hidden agenda. And together we ... will set the stage for a joyous grace celebration to God!" [2Cor.9:11 MB]

I love this passage! This so describes the fellowship at the Glory Barn. One Wednesday evening as folks were sharing their heart and ministries, I watched how as each one spoke the others in the group were so attentive and encouraging. Not only showing appreciation but truly engaging with each one who spoke.

And God gave me this word about the special relationship He has given us, “You have learned how to Celebrate each other!” As I looked around at the entire group of folks meeting that night (and for several weeks as we continued this exchange.) I watched them smiling, nodding, and all listening intently and responding, truly enjoying seeing the different gifts and callings of God at work in each one’s life.

We truly are enriched because we care about each other, like a family does. “joined together with one another” with one heart and a unified purpose!

This past Sunday, the Leadership Team at the Glory Barn, shared a meal, shared family and funny experiences, prayed together and then we got down to business! What a glorious time we have every time we gather!

After almost 50-years in pastoral ministry, both Pastor Aaron and I can say that we have never had such a healthy and happy working relationship with those who serve the Body of Christ (at the Glory Barn.) It’s the sweetest time we’ve ever had — loving and truly caring for one another. Putting others before self, and rejoicing as we see each one living and loving life.

And there’s also a time for crying together — praying and caring deeply in the hard times — together. But in all things “together we ... set the stage for a joyous grace celebration to God!" [2Cor.9:11 MB]

There’s room in this family for anyone. If you need someone to laugh with you ➖we will. If you need someone to cry with you ➖we will. If you need a friend ➖you’ll find one here. Yes! “What a friend we have in Jesus!” It is His Body doing what He does freely and full of His power and love. ❤️ We Celebrate you‼️

“Treasure family bonds and friendship. Family fondness remains the essence of this kingdom." (Relationship is long-term in every sense of the word.) [Heb.13:1 MB]

“Love never gives up… Love never dies.” (1Cor.13)

Take time today to Celebrate someone - perhaps someone who never expected to be shown that kind of love and care! That will make your day (and theirs.) ➖Shelia Hart Artt 💝

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