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Listen to the Lord

"And you are to kill the ram and take some of its blood and put it on the tip of the right ear of Aaron." Exodus 29:20a

Redeeming the ear. Chapter twenty-nine of Exodus deals with the ceremonial consecration of Aaron and his sons for the priesthood. As priest they were to function as mediators between God and man. Sort of a go between heaven and earth. In modern day ministry this would completely be in line with all types of intercessors and prophetic ministry. God makes specific notation of the redeeming of the ear for himself.

It's almost like he left the left ear for man but the right ear for himself. In modern church so much emphasis is made on how we are to minister to specific people groups. Much of that

emphasis is made by the people groups themselves. Even if that people group is unsaved we take note of how that people group dictates how it wants to be ministered to. We are listening to the people but are we listening to God. The end result is lack of conversion to Christ and almost no spiritual circumcision. Simply people going on with thier lives unchanged. But God is not asking us to "re-present" a people to Him but also "re-present" Him to a people.

Redeeming the ear represents protecting the ear gate to hear from heaven. We make emphasis on protecting the eye gate concerning what you watch and look at, we are making equal emphasis on what you are listiening to, especially if you are involved in prophetic ministry. If you can't hear from heaven you are not going to partner with heaven. If you are not partnering with heaven you are not a kingdom of priest. Rev. 1:6. You are stuck in Church paradigm, not Kingdom paradigm. Let God redeem the ear.

As usual God bless,

Bro. Rusty.

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