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“Loving on the Father”

There is something that my granddaughter and my grandsons do to me that puts them in the position of receiving every good gift I could possibly give to them. They will crawl up on my lap and lay their head on my chest and while they hug me with their little arms they say “Grandma, you are the best grandma ever!” There is no grandma or grandpa that would not light up when they hear those words! “You are the best!” That makes any one with a heart so proud.

The Lord pointed this out to me He said “ I love to hear this from my children”. So I have now put this into my worship of the Father & the Son. I challenge you to try this. In your quite time. With a whole heart say this to Him, “God you are the best God EVER! There is no God like you! You are far above all gods!” (Isaiah 44:6) I can literally feel Him smile! Try it He will like it!

Seeking the Father,

Pastor Belinda🌷

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