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Old Brush Arbor

Daily Word - March 21st, 2019 🌷

Just a little trip back in time for those who experienced an old brush arbor. I went to a few here in the Ozarks. It’s very similar to a tent revival which I grew up around.

May you be blessed as you read my poem, and may a fire spark inside of you to see more!

Brush Arbor

Way far out the people came,

In A team drawn wagon to praise His name,

Bible read by Lantern light,

bugs a swirling in the night

To hear the gospel preached aloud

By a man God chose to say it loud

Down at the alter people came

To give their hearts in Jesus name

Peace He gave and freedom dear

To those who chose to hold him near

“I saw the light” the people sang

“Pass me not” was my refrain

We never left until we were thru

It was God’s presence and this we knew

Old brush arbor country side

Singing hymns till morning light

Written by Belinda Owens 3/17/2019

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