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Our God is True to His word!

Have you ever had a prophetic word given to you and you just kind of thought “hum...ok.” Because you could not see it happening at that time? When God gives you a word it can be a word of confirmation of something you are already experiencing or it can be a word for something that is coming, something that hasn’t happened yet. God keeps His word and His promises. He never fail, EVER! 

 Romans 4:21

“and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform”. 

I am writing my 19th book and it should be available with in the next week. I didn’t have a title for it until the other night after I asked the Lord what to call it. It is “Supernatural Adventures in Prayer”.  It’s about being transported in the spirit and numerous other supernatural happenings. God is not boring! He will take you places you never dreamed possible! 

The reason I mentioned it was book 19 was because several years  ago I was given a prophetic word from several different people across different parts of the U.S. that I would be writing books. I kind of laughed inside thinking “yeah, right me write books?! ” But book 20 which is a children’s book about Pilate’s Daughter and her interaction  during the trial of Jesus is just about ready for release as well. Then Friday night I got ready to go to sleep and the Lord started downloading book #21! Well God knew more than I did, He knew that in the future I would be writing books just as the prophetic word had stated. I didn’t have to make it happen, it just happened. 

God has given me and probably several of you out there a promise or a word that you have not seen come to pass yet. It is coming! It is coming! It is coming! Stay faithful to Him, He will bring it to pass! 


Pastor Belinda 🌷






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